Brazilship/Scanbrasil Offshore Department
Our department grew based on our local knowledge as ship-brokers, assisting clients in short- and long-term chartering contracts, shipbuilding consultancy, sale & purchase, project development, shipping logistics and by making tailor-made market reports.
We provide guidance in meeting the challenges in the Brazilian Offshore Sector; understanding contract structures, regulatory aspects; and in finding the most suitable Brazilian Shipping company to support operations.
Our staff consists of twelve dedicated persons, including senior-partners – Odd, Harald and Bjorn. This team has a vast experience and background, ranging from offshore field work and naval architecture to economy and engineering. It includes native Norwegian and Portuguese speaking individuals.
Our department’s primary target is to help the offshore operators in finding suitable solutions for any requirement, as well as predicting opportunities for ship-owners. As so, we continuously survey the offshore market to keep track on changes, and to foresee possible options and future enquiries.
For us, the fixing of a vessel is only a part of the job; we value a good market deal by sharing our knowledge and by guiding operators and ship-owners in all parts of the tendering processes. We follow the vessels from the moment they are fixed and delivered to charterer; during the contractual work scope; and up to its completion.


Odd A. Isaksen

In the shipping business since 1977, has operational and chartering experience from Oslo, London and New York. In Brazil since 1983.
+55 (21) 99982-1332

Harald E. Borna

Over twenty-five years of chartering experience. Worked in London before moving in to Brazil in 1981.
+55 (21) 99985-7499

Bjorn C. Salén

In Brazilship/Scanbrasil since 1978. Before coming to Brazil, worked in Gothenburg, Hamburg and Stockholm.
+55 (21) 99633-0053

Kensaku Saito

Bsc, Naval Architect. Former Petrobras Director for Maritime Transportation in Transpetro, an owned Petrobras’ Transportation Subsidiary. Broad experience with supervision of shipbuilding contracts, including offshore units and tankers.
+ 55 21 99824-1483

Debora Gomes

Started her career in the shipping business in 2008 at a Shipping Agency, with experience in the commercial department. Graduated in Business & Administration, and currently attends an MBA course in Oil & Gas Management. Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil in 2010.
+ 55 21 98131-0388

Clei da Silva Alves Filho

Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil in 2010 working at the Operations Desk and since 2011 assumed a position a Shipbroker for the Offshore Department. Graduated in Business & Marketing Administration.
+55 21 98131-0328

Daniel Reis

Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil in 2011. Has 5 years-experience from Subsea Companies in logistics and procurement for Offshore Construction and Support Vessels. Previous experience as Custom’s Broker and in Supply Chain Management. Graduated in Business & Administration, and with post-graduation in both Logistics and Oil & Gas Engineering.
+55 21 98088-0002

Oddbjorn Jortveit

Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil in 2011. Graduated in Economics, and holds an MBA degree in Oil & Gas Management and Master’s Degree in Linguistics.
+55 21 99883-4234

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