The Dry Cargo Department focuses mainly in South America inbound and outbound trade, working closely with local Charterers and Ship Owners. Our Company holds a strong position in the region, with extensive expertise in the different type of cargoes – such as grains, ores, coal, fertilizers, steel products and project cargoes – shipped and discharged in South American ports.

The Chartering Desk covers Time Charter, Voyage Charters and Contracts of Afreightments for small handy to cape size vessels. Time-Charter periods for local Ship-Owners and Operators have been an important part of our daily work.

An important differential of the Dry Cargo Department is the assistance given from our post fixture division to our clients. This is of an especial value, considering you may be working with different time zones.

Also, in 2012, the Department started a Project Desk, focusing on break bulk cargoes inbound/outbound Brazil.


  • Shipbrokers:

Manoel Soares de Oliveira Jr.

Started his professional career in 1989 working in the chartering department for local ship owners. Joined the Dry Cargo Department of Brazilship/Scanbrasil as a shipbroker in 1994. Holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, studied shipping at the London Polytechnics from 1987 to 1989. Presently finishing a bachelor degree in International Relations.
+ 55 21 98834-2467

Hugo Jost de Figueiredo

Started his career in shipping back in 1995 as a trainee, and built his experience on chartering dedicated to commercial and operational sides of the business. He holds a Masters degree in Corporate Finance.
+55 21 99790 6919

Juliana Teixeira

Joined Brazilship/Scanbrazil Dry Cargo Operations team in 2010. In 2011 has moved to the Chartering Division as a shipbroker. Has a bachelor degree in International Relations and an extended course on International Management.
+55 21 98136-0147

Felipe Massa

Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil in October of 2016.
+55 21 96750 7333

  • Post-Fixture:

Beatriz Galli

Started in shipping in 1992, working in Operations for major Brazilian charterers and ship owners. Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil in 2007 as head of Dry Cargo Post Fixture Division.
+55 21 99769-8472

Carlos Henrique Souza

Started in shipping in 2006, working in Operations for a major worldwide ship owner. Joined Brazilship/Scanbrasil Post Fixture Division in 2011. Has a bachelor degree in International Relations.
+55 21 98057-0011

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