Established in April 1988 through the merger of Brazilship (founded in 1974) and Scanbrasil (founded in 1985) the company has proven itself over the years and is today considered the major shipbroking company in Brazil. Its partners have over 25 years of experience in the South American Market, working also with all major centres in the world.

The word quality has always been important to our company and in May 1998 we were the first shipbrokers in the Americas to obtain the ISO-9001 certificate, qualified by DNV.


Specialized in Tank, Chemical & Gas, Dry Cargo, Offshore and with a Project department, we act as house-brokers in South America for some of the world’s leading charterers.
With emphasis on the South american market, we work on a daily basis with the principal Charterers and Ship Owners world-wide.

Quality Policy Statement:
Brazilship/Scanbrasil is a shipbroking Company providing full support to charterers, ship-owners, and other parties in the shipping community to negotiate charter party contracts and long term projects, including consultancy. We are committed to continuously improve our Quality Management System and to meet all requirements.
Brazilship/Scanbrasil is alert to the impact of all its actions within our market and that may affect any of our stakeholders, focusing on improving our services and processes.

Albert Chalita Jr.

Partner at Brazilship/Scanbrasil

Daniel Barbosa

Ship broker at Brazilship/Scanbrasil

Jussara Werneck

Vessel Operator at Brazilship/Scanbrasil 

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